Tommy White & Dillon Anderson

Our little twink Tommy White finds himself in bed with the sexy Dillon Anderson, and when they start kissing, things heat up real fast! While they make out, each of these hotties lose some pieces of clothing, until finally they find themselves both naked and pressed against each other, Dillon grabbing for Tommy’s cock while their bodies touch.

All this kissing and touching has given them a taste for meat and they get into the 69 position and both get a mouthful of cock at the same time, giving head as Tommy gently plays with Dillon’s asshole. When they’re as hard as they can get, Dillon bends over and accepts Tommy’s giant cock up his ass, letting him fuck him slowly while Dillon rubs his own hard dick.

Tommy takes it slow, letting Dillon warm up to his thick dick as he buries himself even deeper inside Dillon, then switching positions and standing above him while Dillon lays on the bed. Tommy fucks Dillon slow and steady, but the more he fucks the faster he starts to go…Dillon’s ass just feels too good around his hard dick. When Tommy climbs on the bed and gives it to Dillon, it’s enough to make them both cum all over!

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