Chris Twink Live Cam
Chris Twink Live Cam
Chris Twink Live Cam

PurpleReigns Wrote on: January 6, 2014
I don’t do a lot of reviews… I’ve known about Chris for a long time, but never talked with him until about a week ago.. my loss.. One of the kindest guys around, made me feel like we were friends for years… If you are nice/polite to him, he will return it 10X back. Absolutely beautiful spirit, and a real charmer. Well worth making the time to see him. You won’t regret it… 🙂

Shelby6ft6 on January 5, 2014: Well I must say, “Je t’aime” Chris Twink, and then some, to my wonderful Frenchman! My second (one-on-one) chat, in 4 days, and after 3 hours, 9 minutes, and 2 seconds, why am I looking forward to my next private chat with this 22 year old Frenchman? Initially I thought I was addicted to him, then realized it had to be an obsession, he’s everything I have always wanted, so sweet and tender, with a soft spoken voice, gorgeous to look at, absolutely flawless, a real gem, and almost always naked to start to the show. I know what I am about to say, will probably sound strange to some, maybe to all, but since it’s on my dime so to speak, my next private chat, I do with this wonderful Frenchman, I want him fully clothed. I have to experience what it is about Chris Twink that keeps me coming back for more and he has to have his clothes on. I have viewed many models on F4F, and he’s the best of them all, 5 out of 5 Star model!

jonthedon767969 on January 4, 2014: OMG BEST ONE EVER ! HE IS A SWEETHEART!

Shelby6ft6 on December 30, 2013: I had the opportunity with doing my first one-on-one chat with a really hot French 22 year old, name Chris Twink. Wow, it was an exceptional experience for me. I always been drawn towards blond hair/blue eyed guys and this model was the best looking model, I have seen in quite sometime. I asked him to wear some special attire for me, and he did, we talked for awhile, as I always do with the models I choose to go private with. He’s such a sweet guy, a real turn-on for me, I am still trying to catch my breath from that encounter with Chris. Sure I will briefly describe his hot body; nicely developed, defined, firm, somewhat muscular, for his body size, he also has very smooth skin, little to no body hair, and a basket full of goods, read his profile for that information, since I feel I don’t have to tell all about this hot and sexy Frenchman. Oh, he does speak very good English too, so I suggest anyone wanting to have a experience of a lifetime to asked this hot Frenchman for a private (one-on-one) chat. You will not be disappointed.

Phil_USA on October 16, 2012: I had the good fortune of doing a very hot pvt. show with Chris this morning. He is an excellent performer. His show was a lot of ass play with several different toys that he enjoyed using very much and he finished the show with a very nice cum shot! I very highly recommend a visit to his room.

Chris Twink Live Cam

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