Big Dicked Player

He looks the very picture of innocence, stepping off the football pitch and into the locker-room, but young Troy McCarthy has a secret – and a mighty big one at that! But never fear, with a horny slut like Aaron Aurora on the team it’s not going to be long before everything is uncovered – if you get our drift! Indeed, maybe it’s the thought of McCarthy stripping off and heading to the showers that’s sent Aurora to the toilets for a quick wank, because that’s exactly where our monster-loaded player finds Aurora at the start of the scene; and McCarthy promptly responds by pulling the lad out of the cubicle in order to slurp on his shaft.

But it’s what’s inside McCarthy’s shorts that’s the real focal point; and Aurora is clearly keen to get to the bottom of it. Quite literally, as it happens, as he pulls the oversized knob into the open and works his lips almost down to his mate’s pubes! A few short minutes on and Aurora is letting his ass do the work; sliding down onto McCarthy’s lap and riding every heavenly inch that nature has provided.

And who the fuck can blame him? This is a dick worthy of worship, and Aurora does it justice in every sense. By the time it’s squirting its sticky goo all over Aurora and the bottom is jerking off in appreciation, there’s every good chance that you’ll have worked out several appreciative loads of your own!

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