Boy Takes Every Inch

It’s a common sentiment that youth is wasted on the young, but that’s certainly not a charge that can be levelled against Brad Fitt, who as everyone knows is more determined than most to squeeze every last drop of fortune out of every opportunity that heads his way – not to mention every last drop of jizz! – which in this particular instance comes courtesy of Riley Smith, a slightly older fellow who’s determined to show our cute hero a real good time. Not that Fitt needs much guidance in that direction, it must be said. Within moments of the two chaps meeting each other on opposite sides of an interview desk, the youngster is down on his knees giving a hands-on demonstration of his oral skills – and with a delicious looking dick like the one that he finds nestled in Smith’s crotch to contend with, who can blame him? The compliment returned, it’s time for the older lad to really work the boy’s butt, rimming Fitt’s arse and then bundling the boy over the table for a hard, ball-banging fuck. By the time the cutie is being skewered on Smith’s lap you almost feel sorry for the lad; but a truly fantastic money-shot from the older guy serves as more than adequate compensation.

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