William Haley Live Cam

William Haley Live Cam
William Haley Live Cam

credit-tier-celebrityWilliam Haley started with us in early 2011. It was his first introduction to many things, including the English language, the web cam world, and the many varied and diverse personalities and fantasies found within. Over a year later we are pleased to say that it has been great getting to know this wonderful guy who has come so far. He’s developed an amazing vocabulary and manages English so well. Paramount to that he’s sharpened his interpersonal skills and developed an acute intuition that finds him connecting with most anyone who spends a short time getting to know him.

This page is dedicated to him and will be an on-going collection of images, tube clips and anything else William.


By Intrepid51 on September 26, 2012
William is the nicest, cutest and most enticing performer on this site. He is genuinely friendly, and a wonderful person to talk with. He is a treasure not to be missed. I can’t wait until he returns from his vacation. Love you William!!!!

By LuvSox72 on August 26, 2012
William REALLY is the best! Friendly and welcoming. There is a TRUE sense of family and friendship in his room and everyone gets to have a great time. William was the sole reason I signed up on this site and he always delivers. Thank you William, you always brighten my day!

By yepyepjpp on July 18, 2012
William thank you so much for last night – it was the first time in almost a year i was able to go private with you and you were better than ever! thank you so much!!!!! you made me very happy last night and i enjoyed the time you shared with me! if you havent taken william private you just HAVE TO! and join his official fan club – you wont regret it!

By Phil_USA on March 12, 2012
I was fortunate enough to be a part of his one year anniversary on the site. His room was filled with many members who I am familiar with, all were there for his celebration. It was a lot of fun being able to spend time with William and his many fans, friends and followers. As the evening ended on a high note, with William winning the contest, what a way to celebrate your anniversary.

By newbie23 on January 17, 2012
Make no mistake: William is still the best on this site in any category. He’s gotten even better with time: charming, charismatic, gracious, smart and a good sense of humor. He also has a kind of fierceness you might not immediately expect. He may be in the twink category but he is no boy. If you haven’t visited him in private yet I recommend you go. You won’t be disappointed.

By Lama22 on November 6, 2011
I always have a good time in William’s room. He has a warm personality, great sense of humor and very kind to everyone that visit him. Sexy as hell in private, he’s always quite a treat 😉


This little clip is just some images William shared with us that we put to music. It was made to mark his One Year Anniversary with us at TBIM LiveCams, posted on March 10,2012 called Celebrating One Year With William Haley.

William Haley’s 2nd Anniversary:


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