That Boy Is Mine Posts

Just a few cute pics we found in our travels…

Denky X is our newest, very young, almost Bieber-ish, twink boy here at TBIM Livecams!  Click the photo to view for yourself!  If you have a chance to get to know this boy before we do, please let us know about your experience.

Those of you who run your own blog realize that maintaining a blogroll list is very time consuming, and you are always having to go back and check if those blogs are still operating and linking to you. Here at TBIM we are doing away with the traditional Blogroll and are switching to a Refer List. The idea behind this list is as simple as it’s operation! Sites and blog owners who link to us will show up automatically in this list, as their hits come in.  The more traffic that comes from your site, the higher up the list you will go. No need to email and wait for permissions and trades, just go ahead and link to us to start trading traffic!  Let’s build our lists and traffic together!