Classroom Fornication

A Break From Studies

Featuring: Connor Levi, Lucius York

Getting a good education is a definite must for students Lucius York and Connor Levi, but let’s be honest here and admit that getting laid probably comes even higher on these boys’ list of objectives. Or at least that’s the distinct impression that you get during the opening moments of this spunktastic scene, as the lads very quickly abandon their illusion of brain-enhancement – not to mention their glasses! – in favour of far more carnal interests. As a result it’s no time at all before newbie, York, is falling down onto his knees and giving his buddy’s cock some hardcore attention; whilst Levi is soon turning the tables by stripping his mate’s clothes off to reveal a gloriously hairless, uncut shaft that’s quite literally crying out for attention.

A little lube-enhanced foot-play adds to the charge of the encounter, but it’s not long before Levi is thrusting his engorged dick deep into York’s hungry little ass-hole – an act that appears to release the hidden slut in the horny bottom, who then promptly engages in a whole series of positions in an effort to gain the satisfaction that he’s clearly craving. Fortunately for him, Levi’s more than equipped where it counts to give a frustrated little fuck-buddy the full-on experience he needs; and by the time he’s being bashed over one of the classroom desks there’s very little that York doesn’t know about being the subject of full-on attention.

It’s clearly a revelation that works for the fellow, as he spews a fabulous wad of jizz all over his own belly; before Levi concludes his part in proceedings by whitewashing York’s ass-hole with a generous explosion!

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