James Radford

Not all Chavs are cute, but we think you’ll agree that Noah James is the kind of baby-faced beauty that you’re really gonna appreciate. Certainly young James Radford quickly falls into his spell in this particular scene, when the dark-haired Skater calls at the garage where Noah James works. Why, the two fellows have hardly had chance to be introduced and Radford is already down on his knees giving the horny Chav the kind of fellatio that most young tearaways can only dream of. It’s a show of enthusiasm that cannot fail to have an impact on Noah, and before long the two lads are engaged in a steamy session of 69-ing – which is only concluded when the Chav can finally no longer resist the urge to fuck Radford’s pert little ass. As it turns out, however, Noah proves to be a surprisingly gentle lover, gradually working his shaft into Radford’s hole and then slowly rocking back and forth. Rest assured, though, it’s more than enough to get both boys spurting like fury in the concluding wank-off for the camera.

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