Jaxon Radoc

As an athlete of any kind will tell you – be they either professional or amateur – playing lots of sport can sure leave you feeling stiff. It’s just as well, therefore, that there’s guys like Connor Levi around to help out with that sort of problem, as new-boy, Jaxon Radoc, discovers when the two of them meet in their team’s locker room.

Needless to say, of course, Levi’s idea of relieving all that in-built tension is probably somewhat different to what would usually be advocated by your everyday masseur or physio – but hey, Radoc doesn’t seem to hold out any complaints, and neither (we strongly suspect) will you. Fact is that Levi’s working his team-mate’s swollen dick in pretty much no time at all; slurping on that nicely upturned knob, before finally giving in to temptation and swopping places with his pal on the examination bench so that Radoc can finally take full aim at his hungry little ass and fuck his brains out!

Which, give or take, is pretty much what happens – Levi taking every inch of raw cock like a pro and Radoc slapping into the twink’s eager ass like his dick was literally made for the task! It’s a sweaty, ball-busting union in every sense, which threatens to break the bench mid-fuck; and it almost comes as a relief when both boys bust their nuts in a fiery, spunky display that’ll unquestionably have you jerking into ecstasy!

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