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Best Live Boys
Only the best live twink boys!

A member from LiveCams who has been away for some time recently returned and asked for some suggestions about who the best cam boys are this month. With our usual favorites no longer holding their own, it wasn’t an easy question to answer. So we dug deep into the statistics and found some interesting information.

As it turns out, the best cam boys, calculated by credits alone, are no longer able to be attributed to one or two specific people. Which is good, because as we’ve learned over the years, hanging all your hopes or attention on one model leaves you constantly feeling short changed and with nothing to do on those endless evenings when they aren’t around. Best is subjective, and many members use different criteria in addition to a model’s looks to determine their favorites of the day.

So what makes a model good? We’ve compiled a few common traits that really seem to keep members coming back:

1. Consistency – Regardless of how hot a boy is, consistency is key. Members enjoy familiarity and reliability, and those models who are sporadic have a much harder time keeping members interested. Models who say they will be on tomorrow and then aren’t tend to really destroy a member’s trust.

2. Focus – Models who are able to keep their focus on the members in their rooms have a much better chance at developing deeper connections. Members know full well when a model’s attention is elsewhere, and it is the number one reason they will click on to another model’s room. Members can tell if a model is split-casting, has side conversations going, or if they are competing for bandwidth with music videos.

3. Integrity – One might not think that integrity would matter so much on a sexual based website, but it really does. Members don’t like to feel that they are being scammed, or are participating in a model’s scam. Some models have completely gutted their reputations trying to outwit the system. It’s not that trying to get more of the pie is so reprehensible, it’s that the model now becomes known as a cheater. This branding forever hangs a dark cloud over a model and speaks very loudly about their overall character. They are the ones who will also put members and themselves most at risk by exchanging personal information and arranging risky transactions outside of our protected system. In today’s increasingly dangerous cyber world, do you really want your unprotected personal information, credit card and sexual proclivities in the hands of a cheater that could be later used against you with absolutely zero recourse?

4. Comprehension – Models who understand that the members are in charge tend to do much better than those who don’t. While most models start out with this basic understanding of customer service, it’s amazing how many of them let their heads swell over time and try to turn the tables. Models who understand how the system is designed also do much better because they aren’t constantly looking to the other side to see if it’s greener. 25% of $1000 is far greater than 50% of $100, but it’s amazing how many only read the first number. They then spend all their time trying to game the system, settling on a higher percentage of lower payouts. Short term gain, long term loss. The models who do this also tend to have very little regard for the risk to members data on websites operating offshore, outside regulation. The statistics of this are that a very high percentage (98.9%) of the models who start doing this end up out of business in very short time. The other 1.1% are able to correlate what it does to their bottom line and either completely switch, or return exclusively while they are still able.

At TBIM, the smartest way for you to tell who is the best is to use our sidebar and rotating frames. The models with the highest scores that are online at the moment will always be listed here and unless members request or there are some exceptionally high performing models, we’ll no longer be highlighting them individually. If you think you’ve found a model who should be highlighted here on TBIM, drop us a message and we’ll get them up!

wifi vs ethernet

Last night while watching the boys on cam we noticed an issue in some of the rooms – choppy video and sound. We tested out a few different chat rooms and found some common denominators. The biggest culprit? Wifi.

We have always strongly recommended wires for broadcasters, it’s the best $10 you can spend. An analogy we’ve used before is this: Using a wire is like drinking through a straw, it’s fast, direct and you get every drop. Using Wifi is like throwing your drink in the air and trying to catch as much of it as you can while it falls to the ground.

While Wifi is very convenient, and quite sufficient for the light things that most people use their computers and devices for, we have found that for streaming live video it just doesn’t stack up. Nothing compares to the video quality, speed and stability of streaming through a wire. Wifi speeds are between 10mbps and 150 mbps, depending on the quality and age of your set up. You’d be surprised just how many people are still using the old 10mbps Wifi cards and choking out their device’s higher limits. Cat6 wire, on the other hand, can handle, with minimal packet loss, up to 1000 mbps.

For cam host broadcasters, the demand on their internet connection is far greater than that of the regular user and every additional connection they use simultaneously cuts their connection in half, again. Split casting, streaming music and videos, and downloading on Wifi will drastically affect the quality, speed and smoothness of your broadcast.

wifi vs ethernet