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Meet Finn Carson. Finn’s a 19 year old gorgeous Georgia farm boy who loves cooking and staying in shape. This well hung southern stud has dreams of traveling the world and on his first trip across state lines, he sat down with our very own blonde, teenage boy-toy, Noah White for a little first timer’s Q&A to help break the ice before he breaks one off. The two discuss small town life, Finn’s coming out, and everyone’s favorite… turn ons.

Jerry & Matthew Live Cam
Jerry & Matthew Live Cam
Sexy euro twinks Jerry and Matthew are live with us tonight and heating up the screen with their sultry, sexiness and would love to have your company. Below are some of their glowing member reviews:

Kdr412YG Wrote on: March 17, 2016
WOW, Jerry is the most adorable, most magnetic personality, with a smile to match the brightest meteor, tall & slanky, you know you’ll get what you pay for with Meow. Matthew is more of the opposites attract guy, not as knowledgable, far more shy & reserved, hard to crack a smile, but there’s just that something about him which you know will satisfy your appetite, tall & smooth skinny twink as well.

mwhisky Wrote on: February 21, 2016
10 out of 5,if possible! Both Matthew & Jerry are SO in love, you can just feel it by watching them! Plus they’re great guys to just spend time with!

Quinn1234x Wrote on: January 15, 2016

ibolg1 Wrote on: November 25, 2015
these boys are just amazing and in love. You can feel this every second, and there is no better feeling than peace and happyness by these boys. Their body are heavenly as one said like angels from Paradiese. It was a unforgettable performance…

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Featuring: Evan Parker & Zach Taylor

Evan Parker & Zach Taylor could hardly contain themselves and the action began as soon as the two twinks entered the apartment. Evan & Zach pawed at each other’s private parts, maintaining a constant lip-lock until Parker’s engorged cock was released from it’s denim dungeon. Zach would jack the stiff johnson breifly before dropping to his knees and dropping his jaw to eat on Evan’s meat and get a face full of fuck. Don’t miss a minute as Evan Parker returns the favor and feeds on his friend’s fatty before finally & masterfully mounting Mr. Taylor!