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Devin Lewis 8TeenBoy

Devin Lewis is a naughty little new kid in town who applied to Helix because he has an appetite for exhibitionism and is anxious to show off. With his youthful good looks, creamy smooth complexion, and ability to take Max Carter’s commands and make them wankable art, it’s easy to see why. Max makes the new boy bend over the couch and opens his fresh buns for business. Warming up the cakes with some sexy slaps, Carter caresses the pleasure pucker at the center before reaching down to get to his raging hard rod. One wouldn’t think a kid this tiny would have such an impressive package, but he does and Max makes the most of it. Already comfortable in front of the camera, Lewis leans back and lets Max make masturbation music on his magic stick. Devin’s hands dance over his supple young skin as he enjoys Carter cranking on his uncut, perfectly curved cock. It’s the kind of dick that will hit your pleasure spot perfectly. The boy’s body starts to tighten and his schlong sends sex spasms up and down his spine and then…. sweet, sticky, raunchy release. Devin’s first scene is complete, and as the camera fades he gives us a sweet smile as he’s covered in his own cum like a warm blanket.

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William Haley Live Cam

Professional vacationer William Haley returns from what we can only assume was yet another epic summer holiday. He’s looking fresh and ready to play some Show and Tell. Find out how his summer was by visiting our #1 Top Twink Cam host of all time.

Martin Fost Live Cam
Martin Fost Live Cam

A sexy new addition to our LiveCams family, Martin Fost has the look, the smile, and knows how to move that slender smooth twink body to give you the hard on of a lifetime. Check him out by clicking his profile image above and read his latest member reviews:

ChristianS7 Wrote on: August 16, 2017
Martin is a terrific performer, I have been chatting with him since he started here and have found him intelligent and entertaining. I always ensure performers know what I expect before private and have found Martin works hard to please and provide what has been asked for. ?

njguy420 Wrote on: August 10, 2017
great looking guy, but didnt get naked during private, and when asked he said later, meanwhile we were 6 minutes in. dont waste your credits like i did..

Toby2800 Wrote on: July 17, 2017
I think Martin deserves 10+ stars he’s so awesome, so hot and deliciously cute and fun. I recommend him to anyone. He’s the BEST!

Horny-Girlfriend Wrote on: July 8, 2017
Looks like good boy but deep down he is a kink freak. One of the hottest I have seen on here.

Tim_sweet08 Wrote on: June 4, 2017
Martin is just to cute & hot
He is #1 on here he is very sexy and smart and fun to chat