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Hot Gay Twink Scene from EuroCreme: Lyle Boyce & Edwin Sykes

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Twink Cadets Learn to Use Their Weapons

Taking a break from their duty, two horny young army recruits enjoy a swift game of cards whilst the bombs are dropping outside. The thought of such gets them wanting to experience everything at least once, including each other! The more innocent looking blond twink Lyle is the one who takes the lead and strips off all whilst making out with hot young brunette Edwin Sykes who totally reciprocates the lustful advances and whips out an impressive thick dick, instantly swallowed by the horny Lyle! Edwin’s big balls are lapped up nicely by Lyle, who wanks his own impressive dick whilst getting his mouth truly full of cock! Bending over to take what he wants, Lyle is soon wedged full of twink meat as Edwin works his hips back and forth, showing us just how horny young cadets can be, and proving it’s not just the men that know how to fuck!

Hot BareTwinks Release: Dakota & Daniel

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After School Bareback Boys

School is over and Dakota and Daniel have their very own private “after school club” to go to. The bedroom is the setting and the horny boys are quickly stripping off and sharing their gorgeous cocks in a mutual sucking. Things get a little hard and horny, just how Daniel likes it, and Dakota rams his raw length into him to fuck him all over the bed!

Hot from Helix: Twink Boy Laundry Day

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A hot, sticky new release featuring Luke Allen and TBIM favorite Jessie Montgomery! We’ve added it to his Best of Jessie section here on TBIM.

Bareback Twink Laundry Day

It’s laundry day for Luke Allen and Jessie Montgomery and that means catching up on chores and looking for other multitasking twinks to drop a dirty load inside. When the two horny boys start eye fucking each other it doesn’t take long for Jessie to invite Luke back to his apartment for a quick lay. The blond boy proceeds to take Luke’s tight ass to the cleaners with his thick bareback cock but the tides turn when Jessie shyly asks his new friend to take a turn topping! The bareback flip fuck is on as Luke shows off his versatility by giving Jessie every inch of his twink dick before the boys flip back for Jessie to make a hot mess all over Luke’s hole.

Throwback Thursday: Ryder & Aris

Anyone remember this? A silly but fun little video from back in 2012 that we created with the boys that we’re reposting in honor of the return of Ryder McCloud to TBIM Livecams! Enjoy the clip and catch Ryder live right now by clicking his profile image below:

Ryder McCloud Cam

Ryder McCloud Live Cam

LiveCams – The Fuckin’ Resurrection: Ryder McCloud

Ryder McCloud TBIM Live Cam

After nearly a year hiatus our beloved friend and performer Ryder McCloud has crawled out from under his rock to make a classic CamBoy Comeback! He’s looking really good and sporting a new hair style that we think suits him quite well. While you never know what drives these comebacks or how long they will last, you should catch this cutie by clicking his profile image above. Welcome back Ryder, all the best!

BILLYPOWOW Wrote on: October 19, 2013
Ryder is a very nice polite young man.. It is so nice to have him back on Flirt I hope he can find a reason to smile more now that he is back among friends cuz we really missed him..

Phil_USA Wrote on: October 18, 2013
Great to have Ryder return after a long absence. He is easy going and likes to chat with everyone in his room. He is really cute, has a great smile, a hot smooth body, a cute ass and a beautiful soft to very hard dick :) He does a really hot pvt. show! I very highly recommend a visit to his room.

KamJ Wrote on: April 7, 2013
Great show, Ryder is very sexy and has a nice cock!!!

Phil_USA Wrote on: March 10, 2013
I watched a long hot video of his today. Ryder is a really sweet young man, knows how to interact with and treat his clients. He is really cute, has a great smile, a real hot smooth body, a lovely firm ass and a beautiful soft to very hard dick :) He did a great pvt. show that ended with a sweet cum explosion! You can’t go wrong choosing him for a pvt. I very highly recommend a visit to his room.

An Offer We Can’t Refuse

Once in a while an offer comes along that you just can’t refuse. Such is the case in our recent partnership with mega cam site Chaturbate. They’ve made us an exceptional offer that we’d be crazy to turn down. After testing their program on some of our other networks, the checks have started coming in and we’ve decided to integrate their system to our main site to compare results with our longstanding Flirt4Free partnership.

Chaturbate has grown over the past few years to host quite a variety of LiveCam performers, including some of the models from Flirt4Free who for various reasons found themselves in the temporary doghouse. We do note that most of them return to F4F when their suspensions are over. However for some it has become their second home and others have become more comfortable there on a permanent basis. While top performers definitely make less money at Chaturbate the average performer will probably make similar amounts. For members on a budget, Chaturbate can be good because tokens are cheap and you can watch most of the action even if you have none.

TBIM wishes to offer variety, so we invite our LiveCam members who haven’t already signed up at Chaturbate to do so using one of our links. For those members who like our dark color scheme and TBIM banners you can also use our Chaturbate Whitelabel. We’ll be monitoring the results closely and making adjustments where necessary as we go along.

Dedicated performers who wish to work with us on any platform for promotion are encouraged to contact us to discuss possibilities. We appreciate those who recognize what we do and tend to give extra attention to those who support us with their ReTweets and other social media support. If you’re a twink or college cam performer, don’t waste your time with others like Flirt4Males or the weak studio affiliates. They only stand to water down the pot. We’re absolutely your best choice for exposure and can fill your chat room “faster than a rabbit gets fucked.” Just ask the top twinks.

TBIM LiveCams: Sexy Boy Sam Blue is Online!

Sam Blue Live Cam

Sexy blond boy Sam Blue is live with us tonight and looking absolutely delicious! Catch him live by clicking his profile image above and read some of his latest member reviews below:

B4321C Wrote on: August 18, 2014
This boy is super hot, super friendly, and ready to make your dreams come true! Go cum with him, it’s worth it!

bklynguy11215 Wrote on: August 18, 2014
Cute guy, great to talk to, and when the clothes come off wow! Hot body, lovely cock and ass. Great boyfriend material but I’ll take what I can get.

padretim Wrote on: August 18, 2014
An amazing performer, and a super sweet guy. He loves to chat with his customers, and he is so genuine. He’s not all into himself, and is very humble. Take the time to get to know Sam. He’s awesome.

Best of @KyleRossXXX : Tough Casting

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TBIM favourite and veteran Super Twink Kyle Ross interviews new boy Tyler Hill and takes him for a test ride in this latest installment from the amazing producers at Helix Studios. Naturally we’ve added it to our Best of Kyle Ross collection, you can click the image above to watch the entertaining and sexy video clip or view the image gallery.

Tough Casting

New 18-year-old model Tyler Hill knows he’s is in for a tough casting call as soon as the quick-witted Kyle Ross walks through the door and starts laying it on the new boy with his inane smartass questions. But things take a turn in Tyler’s favor when he strips down to reveal his hard chiseled body and delicious tight butt. Now that he has Kyle’s attention the interview progresses to Part 2 where Tyler gets top marks for a jaw dropping bareback flip-fuck that leaves Kyle drenched in cum and begging for more. Kyle ends the interview smiling in satisfaction and convinced that he’s just unearthed Helix’s next huge star.