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Derek Caravaggio Live Cam
Derek Caravaggio Live Cam

Derek finds himself in our top 20 list this week and his member reviews below clearly explain:

weltans123 Wrote on: November 13, 2017
Derek is definitely the hottest guy in the site! Love him from head to toe 🙂

SaxonWharton Wrote on: November 8, 2017
In my mind, this athletic, young hunk of a prettyboy is my Italian college freshman. It’s one of my fantasies, and it works for me. Just had a private with Derek and he know how to flaunt his charms. Derek will nurture whatever fantasies you may have.

scholes18000 Wrote on: November 7, 2017
What can I say about him, very nice guy he has beautiful smile, he try his best for his fans
Beautiful looking and body too, he do not say to because he like challenge every time to be the best one day
all the best my friend

Trevor117b Wrote on: November 3, 2017
Cute and intelligent and not as innocent as he looks.

AmericanInFrance Wrote on: October 26, 2017
Derek is absolutely lovely and soooo sexy. While a bit shy in the free room, he is so HORNY in private, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take him for a spin! 😉 5*!!!

Computer_Geek_1st Wrote on: September 24, 2017
Derek is an extremely awesome young man that truly strikes a near perfect balances between his physical attributes and his inner persona. Let me draw you an apt analogy, Apple is most arguably the most valuable company in the world. What makes Apple’s products so sought-after is their ability to balance the hardware (physical) and software (inner persona). Derek, with his good natured sweet & loving personality, true thirst for knowledge coupled with his outstanding intellect and his beautiful soul makes this young man a total joy to spend time with. Now, when one couples Derek’s physical attributes such as his smoking hot abs and the Goldilocks of butts (not too big and not too small) coupled with his nicely muscled arms and shoulders you have the equivalent of a very fine twenty year old bottle of Brandy with will only continue to get better with maturity! With each sip you take you discover just how sensual and deceptively seductive he truly is;) Finally, it is my sincerest hope & wish that BelAmi will nurture and help guide this outstanding awesome young man to help him to reach his full potential!

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Dustin Cook’s parents are away and they’ve trusted him to take care of their beautiful home while they’re on vacation. He wakes up and, being the good little boy he is we find him cleaning the house in his skivvies. A hot house guest from last night appears to have just woken up and we realize Dustin isn’t the angel we thought he was! Alan Davis emerges looking sexy as fuck from the bedroom. Dustin offers him breakfast but Alan would rather make a meal out of his house host! Davis goes down on Cook’s cock with a slurping thank you suck job that lets us know last night’s festivities must’ve been a dick dripping doozie as well! Cook loves the cock too and if they aren’t doing breakfast, then he’s definitely digging into Alan’s sausage. The boy takes care of the frank AND the beans, deep throating Davis’s dong and sucking his big balls that are filling with funk by the second. Dustin is an amazing host and gives his house guests the full treatment, including a deep tongue spit shine on Alan’s hot little hole. Wet, open and ready to thank his host with his ass, Alan lifts his legs, grabs his groin and accepts cook’s bareback cock deep inside. Dustin wants a good dicking too and Davis is down to give it to him. He bends the kid over his parent’s bed and balls the boy like a bitch, slapping that delicious ass with his nuts as he does. The guys flip again with Davis taking a raw ride this go round. He likes this position as he can get every inch of Cook’s cock inside by sitting down flat to the balls. Once sufficiently filled with dick, Davis douses Dustin with a white, winter wonderland cream explosion that covers his smooth, tight torso. Alan hops off and plants his pretty face smack dab next to Dustin’s throbbing volcano as it’s about to erupt. Alan eats every cum yummy drop he can catch from Dustin’s spasming schlong, then gives his host a taste with a hot, wet kiss.