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8TeenBoy Classmate Cock
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When two of our freshest, fuck hungry young models, Riley Finch and Chase Williams get together for this twink throbber, their erotic, new excitement ignites the screen from the start! Chase takes the lead, laying jailbait beauty Finch on the bed while he blows the boy’s uncut bone balls deep. Young Riley is ravenous and anxious to gulp down William’s extra wide willie. He gets his chance when Chase orders him onto his stomach for a face fucking. Riley’s smooth seat is absolute perfection and Williams’ hands wander down the dude’s arched back to that bone hungry booty for a feel before telling the twink to flip over. Finch has been aching for a fucking since their first kiss. He instantly spreads his legs while barking out a horny “stick it in!” The beautiful brunette bottom throws his head back and accepts every big, bareback inch Chase crams deep into his amazing ass. It’s full speed ahead from the first forceful, thick dick thrust! Williams is gifted in the front AND the back. His tight, meaty tush throwing “D” at his dude is a delicious, mouthwatering treat. This fact isn’t lost on Finch who surprises us by ordering his hot, hung, dirty blond butt banger onto the bed for a taste of his own medicine! Bareback butt banging bongo beats fill the air while Williams’ hole gets a ferocious phallus filling from Finch! The little lad grabs his golden guy by the hips and hammers the hell out of his hind end before the bossy bottom’s boner aches to be buried in Riley’s rear once more. Chase cocks the kid from the side and as his schlong speed quickens, Riley wraps a hand around his hog till thick ropes of raunchy pleasure rocket from his rager, splashing him right in his own face! Since Finch took care of his own facial, Chase creams the already cum soaked slut’s other side, seeding his backseat with big buckets of boy bust. He smacks his still throbbing, spent spear on Riley rear, spreading the liquid love around even more.

Riley Finch is Naughty Newbie
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Fresh off his first ever, super successful solo stroke scene, we’ve paired ripe, young Riley Finch with Milo Harper and his massive meat! The fresh young fuck hounds heat up the screen with sultry kisses before rod hungry Riley feels Harper’s huge hog stretch out and practically wrap around his own leg, lusty and longing for some lip smacking lovin’! He ransacks his way into Milo’s tight white Calvin’s and feasts on his fat uncut phallus before Harper unzips the dude’s duds and gets himself a mouthful of dick. Milo moves on to dessert and makes a tasty treat out of the twink’s tight little tush. He tongue fucks the kid’s perfect peach till Finch looks back and tells him to quit teasing. That’s all Harper needs to hear and he revs up the ramming! He blasts every thick, big, bareback inch of bonetastic beef inside his boy’s beautiful booty and gets to banging. He glides that glorious groin slow at first, making sure he doesn’t split the slender slut down the center. Then, meaty Milo picks up the pace to a pulse pounding cock cruise as Riley’s rock hard rig sticks straight out, growing stiffer with every hard thrust. In a magnificent move no one expected, the pretty pair switch it up and Harper’s hole gets a hefty serving of schlong from our naughty lil’ newbie! Pretty boy does some damn good derriere dickin’ too! He pumps Milo full of fresh, young fuck stick while laying on his side taking every ample inch! Finch likes his fanny full when he cums so Harper heaves his hot hog back inside the boy’s booty and brings him to the breaking point! Finch fires his fuck fuel sky high, sending seed sailing all the way up to his neck! Milo milks his massive member, covering Riley in BOTH their cock’s creamy contents.

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