TBIM LiveCams: Sunday Funday with Will Ryan & Bieber

Will Ryan Live Cam


Honestly, we can’t make this shit up! Both Canadian Bad Boy Justin Bieber and our very own beloved Will Ryan have proclaimed this to be Sunday Funday. In all fairness to Will, you will note that he did it first! Obviously they know things that we don’t. Visit Will Ryan live this afternoon for some good webcam fun.

Signature Seduction

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Andy Taylor starts each day full of optimism and with a smile as big as his bleeding heart. Today the passionate college boy is out petitioning to save the local animal shelter but as the afternoon wears on he begins getting more and more desperate for signatures. Andy almost doesn???t know what to say when Davey Brooks agrees to sign his petition while slyly shooting him sexy glances.

Davey is the kind of boy who knows what he wants and proves he isn’t afraid to take it as he effortlessly seduces the innocent Andy. After some quick kisses Davey convinces the cute canvasser to come back to his apartment so they can practice their do-gooding together. Davey proceeds to warm up Andy’s tight little hole with some intense rimming before shoving in his sizeable twink dick. Andy moans with pleasure as he rides Davey long and hard until both boys are exhausted and dripping in each other’s cum.

Kyle Ross Stars in Twink Balls

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Sports are a natural aphrodisiac so it’s no surprise that slender cutie Kyle Ross and athletic All-American Kody Knight head to the park whenever they want to get revved up before some extra rough sex. Kyle is skeptical that Kody’s training will make him any hornier (or better at soccer) but the hot jock is committed to whipping Kyle’s little ass into shape.

Kody has a thing or two to show Kyle off the field as well so the boys take their balls and head home to do something Kyle is a little more practiced at…taking one for the team right up his tight twink hole! The foreplay seems to have worked because the boys don’t even take off their cleats before diving into a hot makeout and ferocious 69. Kyle’s soccer shot may need some more work but his winning cum shot sure doesn’t as he shoots his hot load all over his smooth stomach.

Best of Evan Parker: Procrasturbation

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A hot new release from Helix featuring TBIM Favorite, Evan Parker! We’ve added it to our Best of Evan Parker section in the drop down menus above.


Procrasturbation [pro·cras·tur·ba·tion]: A similar experience to masturbation, it feels good while you’re doing it but afterwards you realize that you just fucked yourself; Doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones; The act of Tyler Hill delaying or postponing his cum shot until he explodes. Ex: “I didn’t feel like working on my project so, instead, I just laid around procrasturbating.” “Your first tip is to avoid procrasturbation.” “Man, I love procasturbation!”

TBIM LiveCams: Landon York is Online

Landon York Live Cam

Sexy blond sweetheart Landon York is live! Start your weekend off right with one of our very best Twink Cam hosts.

Totallysexy2Mmm Wrote on: August 17, 2014
Landon has wild side Which will set u up for a time in his room u won’t forget anytime soon Then the charm and his sexy romantic side cums to play and you wonder if u really would have a chance to be WIth Landon if u ever met him Worth the 150 credit tip girls mmmmm that’s 15 dollars so hurry soon you’ll need reservation to see him

padretim Wrote on: June 23, 2014
Wow, talk about a young man who just cannot get enough sex, and you’re talking about Landon. In addition to that, he is a charming young man who readily chats with his fans while he’s resting up between performances. He is great in his shows.

imnvzbl Wrote on: June 3, 2014
Landon is F4F’s best kept secret! Sure he may not be big and puffy in terms of muscle, but his heart, his smile and his enthusiasm make up for that!!! Landon has certainly captured my heart and I am looking forward to spending more time with him!!! If you curious, check him out…his smile might capture your heart too!

calif3051 Wrote on: March 25, 2014
Landon is one of the nicest and cutest guys on the site!! He is hot!!! He does party chat often!! His parties are really hot!! He is such a great guy!!!He has great stuff under his shorts and knows how to work it!!!HOT HOT HOT!!!!If you see one of his parties, run to his room~!!! You will really like him!! And maybe even love him!! I promise you that!!!!

intoblondes78 Wrote on: March 1, 2014
Landon is one very beautiful young man. He has a perfect smooth body and the nicest ass I have seen in my life! He also now works from a high quality video and audio studio which makes the shows so alive it’s like he were there right there with you! Do not miss out on this Latvian prince!

Hot Gay Twink Scene from EuroCreme: Lyle Boyce & Edwin Sykes

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Twink Cadets Learn to Use Their Weapons

Taking a break from their duty, two horny young army recruits enjoy a swift game of cards whilst the bombs are dropping outside. The thought of such gets them wanting to experience everything at least once, including each other! The more innocent looking blond twink Lyle is the one who takes the lead and strips off all whilst making out with hot young brunette Edwin Sykes who totally reciprocates the lustful advances and whips out an impressive thick dick, instantly swallowed by the horny Lyle! Edwin’s big balls are lapped up nicely by Lyle, who wanks his own impressive dick whilst getting his mouth truly full of cock! Bending over to take what he wants, Lyle is soon wedged full of twink meat as Edwin works his hips back and forth, showing us just how horny young cadets can be, and proving it’s not just the men that know how to fuck!

Hot BareTwinks Release: Dakota & Daniel

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After School Bareback Boys

School is over and Dakota and Daniel have their very own private “after school club” to go to. The bedroom is the setting and the horny boys are quickly stripping off and sharing their gorgeous cocks in a mutual sucking. Things get a little hard and horny, just how Daniel likes it, and Dakota rams his raw length into him to fuck him all over the bed!

Hot from Helix: Twink Boy Laundry Day

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A hot, sticky new release featuring Luke Allen and TBIM favorite Jessie Montgomery! We’ve added it to his Best of Jessie section here on TBIM.

Bareback Twink Laundry Day

It’s laundry day for Luke Allen and Jessie Montgomery and that means catching up on chores and looking for other multitasking twinks to drop a dirty load inside. When the two horny boys start eye fucking each other it doesn’t take long for Jessie to invite Luke back to his apartment for a quick lay. The blond boy proceeds to take Luke’s tight ass to the cleaners with his thick bareback cock but the tides turn when Jessie shyly asks his new friend to take a turn topping! The bareback flip fuck is on as Luke shows off his versatility by giving Jessie every inch of his twink dick before the boys flip back for Jessie to make a hot mess all over Luke’s hole.

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